Pikku L

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My work comes from the deepest parts of my mind. I want to dig deep into my soul to capture what I have lost, my grandfather. He was my light and I was his shadow, for he and I had a close bond. My light went away when he died and all that was left was his grieving shadow. For my final project, I want to photograph my grandfather’s house, in hopes of capturing a glimpse of that light. These photographs will help guide me through the shadows and will lead me to the light.

I am fascinated when it comes light and shadow. To me, shadows are remnants of something that was once there or is there, but not in view. We need to capture the shadows or the remnants of what was once there so they don’t slip away into darkness. I want to collect the remnants of what was once there in my grandfather’s home in hopes that I can keep the light in my life. To do this, I will work with objects and areas of my grandfather’s home for this will help memorialize him and the place where I shared so many moments with him. I want to capture what I remember most about my grandfather and his home, his warmth.

I know this project will be difficult for me and the viewer. I will have to come to terms with the present while trying to portray the past to the viewer. These photographs will be an abstraction from what is now my reality. The reality that my grandfather will no longer be the light in my life. I believe art isn’t meant to be understood completely by the viewer. One wants to have the viewer to leave with questions running in their mind. I don’t expect the viewer to completely know who was my grandfather, but what he meant to me.