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Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome again to my blog! My second post is about a magnificent exhibition going on at my school. I traveled to the CRAFTY show and was amazed by most of the work shown. The basis of the show was the basis of craft as an art or that is at least what I got out of it. I was drawn right away to the photo montages create by John O'reily. They weren't created by photoshop or some computer program, but by hand. You could see the glue marks and the actual seems of the overlapping paper.

I think with new technology people seem to forget the old way. Craft is been taken over by a machine. You can no longer see the effort of the creator. Art created by computers, to me, seem effortless even though the artist has spent hours infront of a glowing tube that has surely made them go blind. Not all art is being replaced by technology. The hand craft beading of Nick Cave displays this notion. The art of hand beading has been around for thousands of years and is displayed wonderfully in nick Cave's piece. It is bright and vivid with the splashes of silver and gold on the with champagne tone of the fabric. It may seem flashy but I enjoyed this piece a lot.

As I walked around some other pieces caught my eye. I was drawn to Lara Schnitger's work. Her fabric montages of a lower naked half of a male and a female amused my eyes. They were simple but straight forward. I wouldn't consider them pornographic at all. They were just playful with their fabrics cut into the shape of sex organs. I was also drawn to Imi Hwangbo's layered work. The layered work showed a lot of time and effort in cutting out each individual panel that were then layered on top of one another.

The final artist that I enjoyed I almost looked over. I was ready to leave the exhibition when I walked by the work of retired dentist Ruvim Mogendovich. The hundreds of carved animal on the shelves made me squeal with delight. I own a few hand carved animals but none like these. The smiles on the figures of the animals make them come to life in a child like way. They made my day. I could tell that a skilled hand had carved these animals out of scrap wood. It made sense when I read he was a retired dentist for dentists know how to use their hands to carve.

I wasn't disappointed in this show. It made me feel at home for my work isn't always fine art but more on the crafty side. I always liked working with my hands and not so much on the computer. I could see the time and effort in everyone's artwork even if I didn't like what was shown infront of me.


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