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Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome to my blog! Hello, My name is Leea and this is my blog for my art portfolio class. This blog will help you understand how I process information and how I plan to go along acomplishing my projects. I can be somewhat of a scatterbrain so please bare with me.

Our first project sent us to the magnificent facilities of the Harvard Natural History Museum. Some find it boring, but I find it interesting. I had been there many times so this visit brought back many memories. Of course when you are little the animals seem gigantic but now they seem smaller. Of course they are still big but when you are little, things normal size seem so big.

Anyways this visit brought back memories, especially the ones about the animals. I remember the big stuffed animals that stare right at you. They aren't your cuddlie stuffed animals; that you hold when you are little, but ones that were taxidermied. That means they were killed or found dead and prepared and stuffed into a certain position to give a dramatic effect. It gives you an eerie feeling when you are older. I still feel like they will come alive and come at you.

This is portrayed in some of my photographs. The positions of the animal makes them seem like they are looking at you and at any moment they will move. From these photos I drew 20 drawings. From here I plan to create a manipulated book. i plan to cut, paste, paint and draw in this book with multiple mediums. i want the animals to come to live within the pages of the book. i plan to make a story from the found book. i will manipulate the words so I create a new story from one already created.

So stay tuned for what comes of my ideas...


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